Covered Deck with Composite Decking

We designed a new deck with a partially covered area. We used Timber Tech composite deck boards with a composite handrail. This has been a two year dream for the Carlson family, with three children and several grandkids they needed more space. Bonafide Construction helped their dreams come true.

New Sliding Glass Door

For this project we replaced an existing double window with a full size sliding glass patio door. The home owner wanted a way to go directly to their backyard without having to go out the side door and around to the back of the house. The picture on the left shows what it looked like after we had removed the brick and insulation. We were so eager to get started that we forgot to take a picture first!

Sliding Glass Door - Before and After

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The new sliding glass door really opened up the home owner’s dining room, making it feel almost twice as big. The additional glass area lets in a lot more light, making the room feel brighter and more welcoming. They also said that their new door has made entertaining in their home so much more fun since they can easily move from inside the home to the large patio in the back yard. Of course, their dog Matilda also enjoys the new door since she can now enjoy the back yard far more frequently as well.

Projects like this one are what we love to do. If you have a project like this in mind, give us a call at (402) 730-2663. Remember, if you want it done right you want it Bonafide!

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